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My Medicare Network is an independent agency that represents the largest and most trusted insurance carriers in the nation. We help you find the best Medicare coverage for your situation and save you time and frustration.

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Why Work With My Medicare Network?

  • We’ll show you options from the largest and most trusted carriers in the nation, saving you time and frustration!

  • It costs you nothing to work with us as our compensation is paid by each carrier!
  • You won’t pay higher premiums by using us!  Premiums are the same (and often free) whether you call all the carriers yourself or let our experts show you the best options.

  • Our agents are experts in Medicare and can help make all the options easier to understand

Confused by Medicare?  Watch our Medicare Made Clear Video Presented by UnitedHealthcare.

Easy Step by Step Process…

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Determine Your Eligibility

If you are new to Medicare you must first obtain your Medicare Part A & Part B identification numbers from the Department of Social Secuity.

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Understand Your Options

Your agent will begin researching plans from various carriers and review the coverage options with you to identify which plans meet your needs best.

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Enroll in Your Plan

Once you and your agent have determined the best insurance plan, we will enroll you into the plan either by paper application or electronic signature, whichever you prefer.

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Ongoing Client Support

Every year your agent will work with you to see if there are better plans available during Open Enrollment Period (AEP) and advise you if changes are prudent.

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