Retirement Planning Solutions

Who is Applied Asset Management? 

Applied Asset Management is the sister company to My Medicare Network where financial planning services are provided for our clients.  Founded in 2010, Applied Asset Management has served clients throughout the country with their retirement planning and income strategy goals.  

What We Provide…

Financial Planning

Our technology platform called AdviceWorks incorporates financial planning software into it, allowing us to enter your financial information and see a variety of scenario’s based on your personal financial situation.  As your advisors can review that information with you and help tailor a plan that will ultimately reach your financial objectives.  The technology allows us to run over 10,000 simulations of various financial factors to see what the probability is of a successful retirement.  If the outcome is projected low, we can make adjustments to increase the likelihood of a successful retirement.

Retirement Planning

Typically, clients nearing retirement are less focused on taking risks, and more focused on preserving their wealth and creating a consistent income stream that can last. With this in mind, we develop conservative strategies with a focus on risk management. We seek to identify opportunities for building a consistent income that will last through retirement and help clients determine when they may be able to retire. The retirement income planning process often includes analyzing income sources, managing assets, determining future expenses, and estate planning.

Estate Planning

Beyond building wealth for their life, many clients want to leave a legacy to family members. Critical to achieving this is an estate plan. An efficient estate plan not only incorporates tax reduction strategies to save on probate fees but also aims to ensure that your assets transfer to your desired beneficiaries. We help you create a detailed inventory of your assets and who will receive what and when. We also work as a team with your estate planning attorney and accountants to help coordinate all of your planning needs and can then store all sensitive documents on your AdviceWorks portal making it easy for beneficiaries to locate account information and estate documents. 

College Planning

Many parents and grandparents want to plan for future college funding while still saving for their retirement. We seek to strike a balance between the immediate need for college planning and future retirement goals. We can help clients determine appropriate educational plans, such as a 529 plan or whole life insurance policy, that will allow them to save while also planning for retirement.


We provide our clients with their own personal dashboard called AdviceWorks (this is an optional platform available to all clients, not required) that will show you all your household accounts in one easy to navigate portal.  You can import your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, 401k plan and any other financial accounts you have into your AdviceWorks dashboard.  Plus, our system incorporates spending strategies, budgeting and financial planning software right into it, allowing you to see how the decisions you make today can impact your future! In addition to having a convenient place to view your accounts, your AdviceWorks portal also provides you a secure vault to store important items like wills, trusts, passports, insurance policies, tax returns and so much more.

*Investors cannot invest directly in indexes.  The performance of any index is not indicative of the performance of any investment and does not take into account the effects of inflation and the fees and expenses associated with investing.

*All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

*Before investing, the investor should consider whether the investor’s or beneficiary’s home state offers any state tax or other benefits available only fom that state’s 529 plan.

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Distributions from traditional employer sponsored retirement plans are taxed as ordinary income and, if taken prior to reaching age 59 1/2, may be subject to an additional 10% IRS tax penalty. For complete details, consult your tax advisor or attorney.

Consider all available options, which include remaining with your current retirement plan, rolling over into a new employer’s plan or IRA, or cashing out the account value. When deciding between an employer-sponsored plan and IRA, there may be important differences to consider – such as range of investment options, fees and expenses, availability of services, and distribution rules (including differences in applicable taxes and penalties). Depending on your plans investment options, in some cases, the investment management fees associated with your plan’s investment options may be lower than similar investment options offered outside the plan.

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