Do you know how much you would lose if the stock markets had a correction? If not, we’ll show you how much risk your retirement accounts have and help you determine if it’s appropriate for you…

Please take a look at our 2 minute video to see how our Riskalyze analysis works.  Then click on the “Free Risk Analysis” link to get your score in just 3 minutes. Once completed we’ll reach out to enter your portfolio holdings and complete the analysis for you.

How we use Riskalyze to better manage your investments

Historically, quantifying risk has always been a challenge for financial advisors and clients… The traditional risk tolerance questionnaire has never done a good job of quantifying what risk really means, or in other words, being an “aggressive investor” can mean a variety of expectations to different people. Our Riskalyze system ensures proper portfolio allocation by assigning you a risk score that takes into consideration the performance range you are comfortable with over a 6 month period. We are then able to customize your investment portfolio to match the risk score that you are comfortable with, removing the guesswork from portfolio design. You go into the investment knowing that your portfolio has a 95% probability of being aligned with an acceptable 6 month range of volatility, making it more likely you will not make emotional investment decisions.

Do you know if your portfolio fits you?

If you work with another financial advisor or are currently managing your own investments, how confident are you that your portfolio fits your desired risk? Our Riskalyzer will not only show you the expected portfolio range over a 6 month period, but we can also look back and see how your current investment allocation would have performed in 2008 and other major market moving periods. This way you can see in black and white just how much risk you are taking and can then make a more informed decision if it is right for you.

Ready to find out if your retirement accounts are invested properly?