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My Medicare Network does all the work for you, and our services are free!

Absolutely not! We built our company around customer service and working with us, you’ll receive a dedicated agent that will be here to help you now and in the future! Every year we can review your insurance plan during open enrollment to make sure you’re in the best plan available and switch you to a new plan if there is a better one. How does My Medicare Network make money?
MMN earns commissions by enrolling customers in plans offered by insurance companies. It’s important to know that whether you work with us or call the carriers directly, you will receive the same pricing and benefits either way. So why wouldn’t you opt to receive a dedicated agent for free!
Absolutely yes! You will receive the same insurance plans and pricing working with us as you would if you called a call center for a carrier directly. We’ll save you time and frustration by doing all the heavy lifting for you and show you which carrier and which plan you should enroll into.
There is absolutely no obligation to enroll, and no pressure from our agents to sign up.

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